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French & Spanish Immersion School

  • Sophie was awarded a Congress-Bundestag scholarship to spend next year in a Germany High School. This is a fully funded scholarship funded by the US Congress and Germany's Bundestag.
  • Amelie will be attending St. Catherine's School.
Congratulations to all our students who took the National French and Spanish Exams:
National French Exam Winners are:
    *Thian - Platinum Medal - FLES (Elementary) 3B
      A Platinum Medal is awarded to the highest national score for each level.
    Amelie-Gold Medal (95%tile)-High School level 3A
    Ellie - Silver Medal (90%tile) - FLES (Elementary) 3A 
    Naomi - Bronze Medal - FLES (Elementary) 3B 
    Luci - Bronze Medal - Level 01

National Spanish Exam Winners are:
  • Amelie- 8th grade: Gold Medal - High School II exam.
  • Grant- 7th grade: Silver Medal - High School II exam.