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French & Spanish Immersion School

NEWS and EVENTS  Upcoming Friday Service Days in December
December 2 - Clothing and Food Drive
Dec. 7 - Making lunches for Richmond Friends of the Homeless
Dec. 14 Sole Hope Shoe Cutting for Making Shoes for Uganda

Upcoming Spring 2017 Play:  Macbeth!!

Congratulations to 
Talia Pirron on her acceptance into the music program at Appomattox Governor's School and to 
Daniel Pilch for his acceptance into the Spanish Immersion program at J.R. Tucker High School's Center for World Languages.  Daniel is studying French at Heartwood Grove School.

Congratulations to all Heartwood Grove students who participated in the 2016 National French Exam
Gold Medal Winners are: 
Talia(2B level), Lauren (1B level), Jack and Amelie (3B FLES level), Ingrid (3A FLES)
Silver Medal Winners are:
Daniel (1A level), Simone and Thian (3A FLES)
Bronze Medal Winner is: 
Eliana (3B FLES level)

Heartwood Grove wins the second place K-3 team trophy in the Maggie Walker Chess Tournament.
Maggie Walker Chess Tourny 2015