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We are looking forward to the new school year beginning Sept. 8.
School and offices will be closed from August 21 - September 2.

French & Spanish Immersion School of the Arts

We are expanding and moving to a new home within Patterson Avenue Baptist Church beginning this fall. You'll find us at 4301 Patterson Avenue.

Help the "Little French Books" Haitian Project:
Congratulations to all Heartwood Grove students who participated in the 2015 National French Exam. 
Talia, Jack, Amelie, and Ingrid scored in the 95th %tile and  Eliana scored in the 90th %tile. Our top rankings are:
Talia - 4th and gold medal winner  1B level.
Ingrid - 2nd and gold medal winner 3A level
Jack - 2nd and gold medal winner 3B level
Amelie - 3rd and gold medal winner 3B level
Eliana - 5th and silver medal winner 3B level
Harrison- 10th, Laureat national certificat winner level 3A

Heartwood Grove wins the second place K-3 team trophy in the Maggie Walker Chess Tournament.
Maggie Walker Chess Tourny 2015