Elementary Trilingual French, Spanish, & English

NEW in 2020-21 for K-2nd grade
  • French: 35-40% of the week including math, PE/Yoga
  • Spanish 35-40% of the week including art
  • Traditional World Music Class with songs from French, Spanish, German, etc.
  • English: 20-30% of the school week will be spent in Humanities & Language Arts
Students will still have the option to choose one  language 
Our language blocks are multi-age, based on language level, and incorporate native text books.  Block units in math, geography, culture, history, science, cooking, health, traditional music, and the arts are also conducted in the target language.  

We have occasional special guest speakers for cultural days, with guest lecturers sharing the cultures, cuisine, arts, crafts, and histories of their native countries.

Music incorporates traditional and non-traditional French and Spanish songs and involves community service, with visits to sing to residents of Windsor Care Memory Center. 

Our end of year assemblies have included Ravel's Children's Opera L'enfant et les sortileges, put on by our entire student body in French, a traditional  French "Guignol" musical puppet show, and fairy tale productions in Spanish.

For a more detailed look at our elementary curriculum see: