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High School History/Religion

History/Religion: All courses are not offered each year.  Some courses are semester courses.  As with English courses some classes may be taken as independent studies working closely with faculty.

History of the English Language: How historical events  have changed the language and how it has developed in different regions.  Semester course.

World History through Music and Art One: From ancient times through the Renaissance

World History through Music and Art Two - From the Renaissance to present day

World Geography and Cultural History

British and US History through the War of 1812 – First semester British History until 1492 – Second semester European settlement in North America and our relationship with Britain from Colonial Times through the War of 1812. 

The United  States in the 19th Century: Emphasis on the slave trade, the civil war, and reconstruction in the US.  Semester Course.

Modern World History: The World at War through film.  An in-depth look at what led to The Great War, the Russian revolution, the rise of communism,  WWII, and current global conflicts and how the use of documentaries, propaganda, and film effects our perception and understanding of history. Historical accuracy verses artistic license in film will be exploreded.

The History and Culture of France – A French and History class using Trésors du Temps text.

Model UN, Global Citizenship,  and the World Today

AP European History

World Religions

History of Judaism

The Reformation

Other:  Independent Studies on a wide variety of topics of interest, for example, the early Middle Ages, a specific ancient civilization, Russian or other history, how the plague or the influenza epidemic of 1917 changed societies, etc. 

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