Literature through Theater

About our Program

The integrated Theater/Language Arts Program encompasses the disciplines of  storytelling, literature, drama, music, and dance.

Students explore classic children’s fairy tales and age appropriate myths, history and literature through drama and musical theater training.  They explore the literature behind the drama to understand setting, and plot and character development within a play or piece of literature. 

Vocabulary pertaining to theater is covered and students develop strong vocabularies from the literature.

Theater is interdisciplinary:  Students may help design simple sets and costumes, learning how to plan, measure and construct elements of the productions, thus incorporating design, math, and engineering concepts. 

Major goals of the program will be for students to

  1. Develop confidence in public speaking and performance
  2. Learn how to incorporate elements of song and dance into class productions 
  3. Develop cooperative, team-building skills.
  4. Understand elementary literary elements of a play or piece of literature.
  5. Gain understanding of various aspects of theater including set design, stage makeup and costuming.
  6. Develop an enjoyment and love for theater and literature in a nurturing, accepting and low stress environment.

Major Past Performances: 

Spring 2019:  The Prince and the Pauper

Spring 2017: Shakespeare's Macbeth 

Fall 2016: Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Spring 2016: Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream

Spring 2015: French Musical Guignol

Spring 2014:  Full French Children's Opera Production of Ravel's The Enchanted Child

Spring 2013 Production of Charlotte's Web

Our spring production took place in collaboration with SPARC, with rehearsals and performance at their fully equipped theater on Hamilton Street.  The production was also open to non-Heartwood Grove Students.  We worked with SPARC for our Arts intensive project.

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