Mathematics: Elementary Grades

In the elementary grades, math is integrated into the morning French block.

It is taught using a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods to engage a variety of learning styles and to build a child's confidence in and  enjoyment of math.  We combine the use of math stories, counting/rhythm games and songs, and manipulatives to aid in acquiring number sense and understanding, as well as problem solving skills.

Calculators are not used and students acquire skills in mental math as well as written problem solving.  A strong foundation of arithmetic understanding, including a thorough understanding of place value, fractions, and decimals is built during the elementary school years.  Students are taught not only the steps to solve problems, but to understand the principles behind the steps.

Mathematics is reinforced across the curriculum in the rhythms of dance and music, the measurements of science and culinary arts, the geometry and symmetry of fine arts, and the Strategic and Logic Games program.