Middle School Math and Science

Middle School Mathematics: 
Sixth grade students  solidify the foundations of arithmetic, fractions, decimals, geometry, and problem solving skills and participate in an interdisciplinary Pre-Algebra and Statistics program.  

Seventh and eighth grade students study Algebra and Geometry.   Geometry studies are directly integrated into the studies of architecture, and Islamic, Medieval and  Renaissance art.  

High School Algebra I is taken in 8th grade for high school credit.  Advanced seventh grade students may enroll in Algebra I as well. 

Middle School Science

5th-6th grade:  Two Year program concentrating on Earth Science and World Geography

Six major science disciplines will be studied, observed, and documented over the two years integrating art and the history of science.  Introduction to writing lab reports and doing interdisciplinary projects.  Five of the six disciplines are in the Earth Sciences and the sixth, Botany will be an introduction to the life sciences which will be studied in 7th grade.

1-2 – Astronomy and Meteorology:  The night sky observed with a nightly sketch journal.  Field Trip to Planetarium.

3 – Geology – rocks, minerals of the earth and geological landscape art.

Trip and hike to rock formations and caverns.

4 - World Geography and Environmental Science: Note that World Political Geography is integrated into social studies as well, but Geography  is also a science directly connected to Earth Science, Ecology, and Environmental Science.

5 - Oceanography

6 – Botany – Units on plant and tree identification and a survey of Botanical Art.  

Trips to Maymont and Lewis Ginter  to identify, photograph, and create student produced Botanical Art.

7th grade: Biology and Human Anatomy

Integrated with the Math, Culinary Arts, and Humanities Programs seventh graders study Middle School Biology with Pre-algebra then Physiology/Anatomy/Body Systems incorporating nutrition, health and first aid with Culinary Arts and the Renaissance Art Study.

8th grade: Physics and Chemistry

Semester 1 – Conceptual Physics concentrating on mechanics

Semester 2 – Chemistry – table of elements, acids and bases, metals,